A famous US curriculum brought to India for the first time

We have taken the world's most famous and research driven spoken English course - Engelmann's Direct Instruction Spoken English - and modified it especially for Indian students.

It is proven to boost students' confidence, improve grammar, expand vocabulary, and build fluency

In every lesson, students speak and hear 1,500 words of English

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Expert specialists & an international curriculum

About Us

Rapid Progress
Rapid progress to fluency through mastery learning

Scientific Approach
Spaced repetition, dual coding, learning through example, direct instruction and scaffolding to guarantee learning outcomes

Expert Specialists
Expert English language specialists from the UK train your teachers

Regular assessments
Assessments with individual feedback reports every 15 lessons.


Students and parents love our lessons.
Hear it from them, not us.

Frequently asked questions

Each lesson is 1 hour. This involves a scientific approach using spaced repetition, direct instruction, dual coding, practice through examples not explanations and scaffolding.

We have 400 lessons with accompanying student visuals taking students from absolute beginners to functional fluency (Less than A1 up to B2 on CEFR).

We provide schools with all that is needed to deliver our curriculum. We provide teachers with scripted lesson plans and accompanying student visuals. Each school will receive school visits from The Queen’s English to provide ongoing in-class support to the teachers. The school will also have access to ongoing CPD by expert trainers through online sessions with experienced educators from the UK and India.

The course tests primarily spoken English and listening comprehension. However, at some points, students will read text and display comprehension. Taking this course will indirectly boost students’ reading and writing skills.

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Learn to speak English

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